Best Budget Laptops for Students 2020

As a fan of tech we all like to talk about the hottest new products the thing that does something new or has incredible performance but I know that for laptops that’s not always the price range that most people are shopping in fact most people are looking to spend around 700 when they’re going out and buying a new laptop so if that’s you here are five budget laptops that you should be considering when you’re thinking about buying a new laptop in 2020.

Lenovo Chromebook flex 5

Let’s start with the cheapest & the best laptop you can buy for under 500. now technically you can buy a Windows laptop for under 500 it’s just going to be hard to find one that’s actually worth recommending the thick chassis the horrible screen and battery life and the mechanical hard drive inside that’s just not gonna cut it that’s where Chromebooks come in though like this one the Lenovo Chromebook flex 5 which costs just 410. that is a killer price for a laptop this sleek portable and generally inoffensive and that might not sound like praise but for laptops that are under 500 trust me it is my only real complaint here was the touchpad which is plastic and kind of frustrating to use but if primarily what you do with a laptop is work on the web the Lenovo Chromebook flex5 is really all you need in a laptop and this one, in particular, is a good one to go with because it comes with an intel core i3 processor which makes it the most powerful budget Chromebook you can buy.

Microsoft Surface go 2


My pick for the best budget two-in-one or set another way an ultra-portable laptop that can also double as a tablet and my pick here is the Microsoft surface go 2 which starts at just 400 that is a really cheap price I mean it’s not quite as cheap as an iPad but remembers this thing runs a full version of Windows 10. this little 10.5-inch tablet is a gorgeous piece of hardware all on its own but you’ll most likely want to grab the add-on type cover keyboard which will turn this tablet into an actual laptop which is I think what most people want to do with a device like this that will cost you an extra hundred dollars putting up to 500 but that’s still a really good price for something this premium it’s super lightweight the screen is gorgeous and the type cover keyboard actually does provide a really good typing and touchpad experience now this isn’t the most powerful laptop in the world you’ll probably be tempted when you go to buy it to add in some memory or storage or even bump it up to an intel core i3 processor but if you’re willing to compromise some of that performance for the unique design of the surface go to 500 is a killer price for a product like this.

HP Envy x360


What is easily the most beautiful budget laptop you can buy is the hp envy x360 this thing costs just 680 dollars and if you’re wondering why it’s so cheap it’s because this is one of the laptops of a wave of laptops to come out supporting AMD Ryzen 4000 processors and they’re all pretty amazing, for example, you can get an 8 core laptop in the Acer Swift 3 for under 700 that’s mind-blowing considering what kind of performance you can get out of that. Unfortunately, that laptop has a few problems like the battery life the screen, and the touchpad this guy has none of those problems and that’s why it’s my pick for the best Ryzen 4000 laptop you can buy even though it’s not quite as powerful the base version here comes with a Ryzen 3 which is a quad-core processor and that’s kind of the standard for thin and light laptops today but beyond that this is just a super sleek little computer which is really rare for laptops in this price range weighs under three pounds and it has those really thin bezels which mean the footprint is small so you can set it up on a small desk or toss it in your backpack and take it off to class or work or wherever you need to take it. Now if you want to go for one of these new Ryzen 4000 powered laptops which I highly recommend but portability is not as big an issue for you i would recommend as an alternative this Lenovo IdeaPad Flex 5 which is sort of the AMD windows version of that Chromebook i mentioned up top the difference between these two laptops is this one comes with a Ryzen 7 processor and costs the same amount as the hp so if performance is what you’re looking for this might be a better alternative.

Lenovo Yoga C640


Speaking of Lenovo that brings me to my final pick of the overall best budget laptop you can buy and that is the Lenovo yoga c640 and we don’t have it here we had to send it back after we reviewed it but it left such a strong impression on us that it had to be included on the list this is a 730 13 inch laptop and it comes with kind of all the things that you expect from a premium laptop eight gigabytes of ram a 256-gigabyte SSD an intel 10th gen core i5 processor it’s got it all now there have been a million of these yoga laptops over the years and they’ve always had the potential to take this spot as the best budget laptop but there’s always been one problem and that’s battery life and that’s where the yoga c640 completely blows the others out of the water along with most of the other laptops that come  at this price range it even broke some records in some of our battery benchmarks and that’s why the yoga c640 is the overall best budget laptop you can buy in 2020 it just doesn’t have a single weakness that you can point to and that’s really rare in a laptop that costs under eight hundred dollars.

Dell G5 SE


I said I have five laptops for you and I do have one more recommendation. It’s just not something that traditionally fits into the class of a budget laptop but there are a lot of people out there who are looking for the cheapest possible way to get into pc gaming and there’s a clear winner in this case and it is the dell g5 se now one of the unique things about the g5se is that is an all AMD laptop it comes with an h series Ryzen 4000 processor and an RX 5600 m graphics card which is just a little bit behind the Nvidia RTX 2060 for reference at a starting price of just 830 dollars that’s incredible gaming performance for the amount of money you’re paying you can play most modern games at respectable frame rates and even though the kind of chassis of this laptop is a little clunky it’s a little outdated for sure if gaming performance is really what matters to you the g5se is pretty much as good as you can get at this price really the only thing you’re missing from your pc gaming experience is a higher refresh rate which you can get as an upgrade.

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