Best Tablets For Students 2019

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Best tablets for students 2019

Apple iPad Air

The sleek and slim Apple iPad air comes in a standard Wi-Fi version as well as one with integrated 4G LTE access it takes additional cues from its smartphone cousins such as a fingerprint sensor high definition HDR video recording and NFC connectivity it is, of course, compatible with Apple pay however it doesn’t accept SD cards and there’s no headphones jack

Microsoft Surface Pro 6

If you’re looking for something that can double as a full-featured laptop at the Microsoft Surface Pro 6 is up to the task with an eighth-generation Intel Core processor 128 gigabytes of storage and various optional accessories it’s perfect for busy scholars on the go this one’s ideal for design students and has a battery life of over 13 hours but it is more costly than a pure tablet coming to an atomic 8 analyst considerably less expensive than similarly styled to him once at the Asus Transformer Mini is a 10.1 inch Windows Device with a detachable keyboard it’s quad-core Intel Atom processor provides the power needed to multitask without unnecessarily draining the battery it’s barely over half an inch thick and includes a stylus however it’s the solid-state drive is limited to 128 gigabytes.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S4

From a company that’s had quite a bit of success with the Android operating system the Samsung Galaxy Tab s 4 offers a number of high-end features it comes with 64 or 256 gigabytes of storage and it’s 2560 by 1600 screen looks as good as anything on the market it’s equipped with a Super AMOLED display panel and lasts for about 15 hours per charge but it is somewhat on the expensive side.


An extremely capable Chromebook with a 360 degree rotating hinge the Acer r11 is a great educational tool for use in any institution it’s 11.6 inch IPS touchscreen makes it easy to access and use the vast library of Android apps it comes with integrated Intel HD graphics and 32 gigabytes of storage however it is somewhat heavy at almost three pounds off-ramp.

Apple iPad

One of the few in its family that doesn’t cost a fortune the Apple iPad is stylish and effective and one of the most streamlined user experiences you’ll find it’s roughly a quarter-inch thick and weighs just about a pound it’s equipped with a capable 8n fusion CPU high-quality Retina display and a lightning connector at the before well priced for such a versatile device at the Lenovo tab for plus features of two gigahertz CPU and four gigabytes of RAM that help it to run Android without any hesitation it’s one of the few with a built-in LTE modem and works with SIM cards from nearly any GSM provider it’s powered by a USB type-c cable and boasts top-of-the-line battery life along with front-facing stereo speakers the airing.

Fusion 5 104b

An especially good choice for those on a strict budget at the fusion 5 104b is just powerful enough to complete a wide range of tasks at school it’s not ideal for gaming or viewing media but you shouldn’t be doing those until your home works finished anyway it includes an SD card expansion slot and the micro HDMI output plus it supports USB on-the-go.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 6

A combines some of the most important features in the category it’s slim enough to fit easily in a bag its battery life lasts quite a while and it’s priced affordably for those on a moderate budget it boasts two USB type-c port, 1920×1200 resolution, and Android version 9.

Microsoft Surface Go

Borrowing design elements from the company’s flagship two-in-one the Microsoft Surface go is one of the most refined and well-engineered ultraportables¬†around with eight gigabytes of RAM and a 128-gigabyte solid-state drive it performs at the same level as many full-size laptops it weighs slightly over a pound and features a sharp pixel sense display it uses the versatile Windows 10 operating system.

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