What You Can Do With Your Counseling Degree

Counseling Degree nC
Your certainty will take off because of IUP’s mix of academic coursework, self-awareness, and pragmatic utilization of guiding techniques. By incorporating these abilities, you fabricate the establishment essential for a superb profession as an advocate in an emotional well-being association or school.

The Counseling Department offers you the chance to work with differing gatherings of individuals as you ace the craftsmanship and study of finding, empathy, and mediation. Gathering partners and individual examination programs are accessible.


With a MA in Clinical Mental Health Counseling or an MEd in School Counseling, you will be set up to support people and gatherings in-network associations or instructive settings:

  • Emotional well-being focuses
  • Outpatient care focuses
  • Individual and family benefits
  • Substance maltreatment in-persistent and out-quiet treatment communities
  • Advising focus chief
  • Human administrations executive
  • Private practice
  • School advising
  • Vocation guiding and focuses
  • Recovery
  • Tuition based schools
  • Professional/innovation schools

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