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Today we’ll talk about Discover it student cards. As a matter of fact, there are two different discover student cards and in this article, I’m gonna tell you about both of them. I’m a huge discovered fan and I finally decided that I needed to go ahead and make a video talking to the college students out there or students in general that you know you need to probably consider getting the discover it student card or the Discover it Chrome for students.

So I decided to let me go ahead and make this post because it’s very important when you’re getting started with your credit as a student and or just learning how to get started with your credit you need to be very well informed and you need to be in the known credit is something that is really important and that you’re going to need in the future.

So there are two different discover student cards one of them is called the Discover it’s student card and the other is called discover it Chrome for students. They’re¬†pretty much the same but a couple of things are different in regards to how much cash fact that you can earn this is pretty much a cashback credit card from Discover, as a matter of fact, to give you guys a little history on myself I have been able to earn a substantial amount of cashback from using discovered because Discover matches all the cashback that you earn as a member during your first year so if you are able to get fifty dollars of cash back for your first-year membership discovery will also give you another $50.

The first card I’m going to talk about is going to need the discover it Chrome for students. This like I said is a pretty much a cashback card as you can see there is no angle fee for this card both cards have no annual fee, as a matter of fact,¬†discover cards don’t have an annual fee there is not a card that Discover offers that has an annual fee so you can rest assured that once you start building this relationship with discover in the future you can apply for any other cards that they have to offer and there’s not going to be an annual fee another thing that’s really good about discover is that their customer service is 100% based within the US.

So that’s pretty cool if that’s something that you’re interested in you to know that when you call customer service it’s gonna be based 100% in the US and that’s kind of cool because I guess discovered is you know finding ways to keep jobs within the US and by only being us-based with their customer service that benefits u.s. it talks about good great reward get $20 statement credit each school year your GPA is 3.0 or higher for the next five years so that’s pretty cool for the next five years Discover is definitely making room for the people that you know may not take four years to finish college, as a matter of fact, it’s not uncommon that college can take longer than four years to finish you know unless you’re going to summer school and you’re really hustling the one time that I went to summer school when I was in college it kind of burned me out for the next school year I went to a university that had trimesters.

So we basically had school from like September to November November to February and then like February to May so we had three semesters wrapped into the traditional two semesters time so it was very stressful and I took a lot of hours so anyway it’s pretty cool that like I said they will reward you with a $20.00 statement credit for up to six years which is pretty freaking dope nope I can’t read it’s five years which is pretty freaking dope. So that’s something that you can definitely keep in mind the next thing with the Discover it Chrome for students is it talks about earn 2% cashback at gas stations and restaurants up to $1,000 in combined purchases each quarter.

So each quarter just simply refers to the fact that January February March is 1/4 and then April May June is another quarter so on and so forth so there are four quarters in the year and you have the ability to earn 2% cashback on gas purchases restaurants up to $1,000. So 2% of $1,000 is going to be 20 bucks and so you can earn 20 bucks in those two categories, of course, you can earn 1% on all your other purchases automatically. So initially during your first year of membership with Discover card. Discover matches all the cashback that you earn so that 1% is really going to be 2% because they’re gonna match all the cashback.

So I’ve been talking about the cashback match this is something personally that me myself I’ve been able to accumulate 1788 55 cents in regards to cashback. So it says we automatically match all the cashback you’ve earned at the end of the first year there’s no signup and no limit to how much will match so that is really really cool technically discovered is saying that whatever you earn in regards to cashback they will match it and I can tell you from my own experience that that has been the case I have to discover cards and they match the cashback on both cards so that is pretty sweet then there’s a chart comparison here between discover it Chrome for students and other credit cards that are offering student cars like Capital One Bank of America.

Alright so now discover it cashback card now I saved this card for last. I like this card a lot because this card is pretty much exactly like the discover it card except it’s geared towards students so this is the discovery it student cashback and this card allows you to get 5% cashback rewards now. I think this car is gonna be more powerful possibilities for the average student. I feel like it’s more powerful.

This card is a more powerful period whether it’s a student card or not. Because the 5% cashback category really averages out to be more cash-backed earned than if you were to do the 2% cashback on gas and restaurants. So as you can see here there’s no annual fee. Once again there’s also the good grade reward where you get $20 statement credit each school year for your GPA is 3.0 or higher for the next five years same deal that’s pretty sweet and then here is this the 5% cashback reward you earn 5% cashback on everyday purchases at different places each quarter like grocery stores, restaurants, gas stations, rideshares and online shopping up to the quarterly maximum when you activate.

So it says, of course, you get one percent on everything else that’s not within a specific category so a category could look like let’s say you get five percent cashback on gas station purchases so that would be from January to March and then for the next category let’s say you get five percent cashback dining okay that that would be another category and then another quarter could be whatever else and then normally the last quarter in the year is kind of like Amazon you get five percent on Amazon purchases. Sometimes Walmart and Target are included there so you would have to sign up for each of these categories. First I need to sign up for my category as a matter of fact Discover does a really good job of sending an email to you to let you know that you need to sign up for your 5% category coming up so it’ll be pretty easy to keep track of but once again I think it’s a lot easier for you to accumulate more cashback with this 5% cashback credit card from Discover. Then it is if you were gonna get the discovery in chrome for students.

I personally would get the discovery it’s student cashback card and so that’s gonna be my recommendation between the two once again discover does do cashback match they do basically they do match for any cards. If it’s a cashback card they’ll do cashback match. If it’s a miles card they’ll do miles match so discovery is really good about that. Especially during your first year of membership and once again, there’s more comparison here between the discover it student card cashback card and other credit cards other student credit cards and then at the very bottom, there are some more benefits that students can appreciate. It says switch off your account says switch your account on and off in seconds, of course, you can do this you can freeze your account it says do you know your credit score lenders do and now you can to get your FICO credit score for free on monthly statements online and mobile so that’s a pretty good tool if you don’t know anything about your FICO score Discover does provide you a way to kind of have a little insight in regards to what your FICO score is according to discover and that is a free service so it can’t stress to you how important it is to make sure as a college student that you are getting set up in the right way.

When it comes to your credit is something that’s very important you’re gonna need credit for cell phone you’re gonna need credit for cable you’re gonna need credit for a car loan you’re gonna need credit for a house loan you’re gonna need credit for a business loan is just SuperDuper important and the earlier you can start building it the better off it will be for you and the easier it’ll be for you to get good rates and good loans moving forward, of course, it talks about the fact that at your service our us-based customer service is here to help when you call not to waste your time selling you other products okay cool so once again there’s no annual fee for this card this particular card the discover it student cashback card the APR on this card is going to be 19.49% there is an introductory period of six months where there is a 0% intro APR for six months on all of your purchases and then after that, it will be 19.49% APR. If I already give you advice I would personally get to discover its student cashback card because of the 5% cashback category.

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