EU and Education

Education is important for continuing growth and prosperity in today’s data society.

The EU’s role in Education

The role of the EU in education and coaching is to assist to enhance the standard of education systems across the EU through:

  • Supporting policy co-operation between EU Member States.
  • Providing EU funding for education and coaching activities, as an example, underneath the theologizer student quality programme

At the identical time, EU Member States maintain full responsibility for the content of their curricula, the organization of their education and vocational education systems and their cultural and linguistic diversity.

Policy co-operation

Policy co-operation involves the EU Member States sharing smart concepts to deal with common challenges across all sectors of education – from babyhood to higher and course.

Policy co-operation happens at several levels:

  • Education Ministers meet thrice every year to agree on policies to enhance education and coaching at Education Council.
  • Experts from the Member States – together with civil servants, lecturers and national agency representatives – meet to share their experiences of fine apply.

EU Funding

The EU’s Erasmus+ 2014-2020 programme provides funding for a spread of international education and training comes, together with student and workers exchanges, job shadowing, teaching assignments, and strategic partnerships between organizations. Over this era, nearly €15 billion has been earmarked to alter folks in the least stages of life to require half in exciting learning opportunities across Europe. Irish students in the least levels of education will access study and work placements in alternative EU countries, funded by Erasmus+ through the upper Education Authority (for higher education) and Léargas (for college, the line of work and adult education) – agencies of the Department.

The European Social Fund 2014-2020 funds education and training comes designed to assist stop and fight state and to stop folks drifting aloof from the labor market.

The European economic process Adjustment Fund (EGF) funds upskilling and preparation supports sure persons created redundant as a result of the adverse effects of the economic process.

The role of the Department of Education and Skills

The Department engages with international partners in education and training policy, together with the EU, Council of Europe, OECD, and United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization. The Department makes certain that Ireland’s best interests are highlighted at EU level therefore that:

  • Ireland gets the best profit doable from EU funding
  • Irish policies are up on by EU best apply.

In apply, on the associate current basis:

  • The Minister for Education & Skills attends the Education Council to debate policy along with his EU counterparts
  • Through the upper Education Authority and Léargas – agencies of the Department – Irish students will access study and work placements in alternative EU countries and Irish organizations will work collaboratively with alternative organizations in Europe, funded by Erasmus+.

Also, the Department should report back to the Oireachtas on major developments in education at EU level every six months.

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