George Washington University (GWU)

George Washington University (GWU) 


George Washington University (GWU) is situated in the nation’s capital. It is sorted out into over twelve universities and schools. With almost 30,000 understudies, GWU is the biggest, and the second most established, university in Washington D.C.


While George Washington University may not offer a full forensic science program, they do permit understudies who major in science to spend significant time in forensics. This program is perfect for understudies who need to work in government and state forensic labs. You can likewise total a MS in forensic science degree in the meantime. Classes cover:

General Chemistry

Natural Chemistry

Physical Chemistry

Forensic Science


GWU has numerous strong scholastic projects, however, it is particularly known for preparing pioneers in government, news coverage, forensic science, and international issues. Obviously, The Princeton Review positions GWU as a main ten grounds for a political contribution.

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