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Educational cost Refund Insurance

Understudy withdrawals can be an issue for private schools.  If your foundation resembles numerous different schools, your educational cost contract commits guardians for full or fractional educational cost costs whether the understudy finishes a full term or not.  Tuition paid ahead of time may be discounted, or unpaid educational cost commitment dropped, bringing about the establishment enduring lost arranged income.

Then again, strict adherence to this strategy may put the establishment in an unbalanced situation as understudy withdrawals are regularly occasioned by family hardship.  Families’ money related weights increment when families face work misfortune, move, the demise of an educational cost payer, infection, or injury of a student.  While there are numerous explanations behind understudy withdrawals, the monetary ramifications for your school are the same.  There is a solution.  The Protect My Tuition Plan!

The Protect My Tuition Plan is a protection program that secures schools’ incomes and takes out the monetary weight families face when understudies are compelled to pull back or are excused during the academic year.  The Protect My Tuition Plan has been explicitly evolved to give far-reaching inclusion to for all intents and purposes any occasion that may cause an understudy’s withdrawal or excusal.

The Protect My Tuition Plan program repays secured educational cost at a chose advantage level when a withdrawal results from an achieved purpose of misfortune.

Secured Withdrawal Clauses:

  • Clinical including Mental Health
  • The demise of the Student
  • The death of the Tuition Payer
  • Employment Relocation of Tuition Payer
  • Automatic Unemployment of Tuition Payer
  • Scholastic Dismissal of the Student
  • Disciplinary Dismissal of the Student
  • Willful Withdrawal.

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