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Tuition Refund Insurance

Student withdrawals can be a problem for private schools.  If your institution is like many other schools, your tuition contract obligates parents for full or partial tuition costs whether the student completes a full term or not.  Tuition paid in advance may need to be refunded, or unpaid tuition obligation canceled, resulting in the institution suffering a loss of planned revenue.

On the other hand, strict adherence to this policy may place the institution in an awkward position as student withdrawals are often occasioned by family hardship.  Families’ financial burdens increase when families face job loss, transfer, death of a tuition payer, sickness, or injury of a student.  While there are many reasons for student withdrawals, the financial consequences for your school are the same.  There is a solution.  The Protect My Tuition Plan!

The Protect My Tuition Plan is an insurance program that protects schools’ revenues and eliminates the financial burden families face when students are forced to withdraw or are dismissed during the academic year.  The Protect My Tuition Plan has been specifically developed to provide comprehensive coverage for virtually any event that may cause a student’s withdrawal or dismissal.

The Protect My Tuition Plan Coverage Options

The Protect My Tuition Plan program reimburses covered tuition at a selected benefit level when a withdrawal results from a covered cause of loss.

Covered Withdrawal Clauses:

  • Medical including Mental Health
  • Death of the Student
  • Death of the Tuition Payer
  • Job Relocation of Tuition Payer
  • Involuntary Unemployment of Tuition Payer
  • Academic Dismissal of the Student
  • Disciplinary Dismissal of the Student
  • Voluntary Withdrawal

The Protect My Tuition Plan Enrollment Options

Mandatory Coverage:

Families that pay in various installment plans may be required to participate.

Inclusive Coverage:

Each family is automatically enrolled in the plan.

Voluntary Coverage:

Parents are given the option to purchase coverage.

What to do Next?

It is a very simple and quick process to produce a plan proposal for your school.

  1. Simply complete The Protect My Tuition Plan Application (DOC)
  2. E-mail it to David Galvin at: [email protected]

If you have any questions, please call David Galvin at 866-284-5964.

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