SONY PS5 Price Announced??

SONY finally unveiled the price and release of the PS5 wow it’s a busy day it’ll cost $499 which is the same as the Xbox series x with the disc driveless digital edition going for $399 both will launch on November 12th in the US, Canada, Japan, and a few other countries with the rest of the world getting in on November 19th Sony also announced a harry potter game called Hogwarts legacy a brand that’s really testing the whole uh death of the author concept but more importantly sort of final fantasy 16 looks okay it looks kind of whack I thought you would be so excited. When was the last good final fan seven it was this year fine but before that yeah only tears maybe this is finally the last one the ultimate final fantasy the final fantasy although apparently it’s also coming to pc so don’t get your anime hair in a bunch if you were worried you wouldn’t be able to get a ps5 because sony was reducing stock also they say they aren’t doing that now they’re sending on planes?

Nvidia’s GeForce RTX 3080 is out and looks like the hype wasn’t entirely misplaced sure it’s not quite twice as powerful as the RTX 2080 across the board but when Nvidia said that they apparently meant specifically in quake 2 RTX and Minecraft RTX not necessarily in every game they didn’t even know people played other games so the confusion’s understandable however the RTX 3080 does fetch performance around 75 faster than 2080 on average which is frankly sick and it finally makes gaming in 4k at ultra settings and high refresh rates seem normal Jensen you’ve outdone yourself i love you we’ll have to see what AMD has to offer when they release their big Nabby graphics card they released a model of what we think is the RX 6900xt in Fortnite for some reason and more leaks have since given us a more detailed look.

Apple unveiled the “Apple watch series 6” for $399 featuring the normal improvements you’d expect to battery life usability but it can also now measure blood oxygen levels track it makes fun of your oxygen-deprived¬†friends you can track it and make fun of all of your oxygen deposit friends also announced was the first apple watch sc for 279 that’s a pretty good deal featuring the chip from the series 5 and a few other downgrades Apple has made a deal with Singapore which will be paying its citizens up to 280 to exercise with an apple watch what apple also unveiled an 8th gen iPad with an a12 chip and an iPad Air with a new a14 chip suspected to be the same chip that will be found in the iPhone 12. the new iPad air uses the iPad pro’s design language and will even work with the pros magic keyboard dock so if you get an 11-inch iPad Pro at this point i don’t think we’ll ever understand each other no it’s silly like the MacBook to the MacBook pro yes fitness plus is joining apple slate of subscription services which will all be bundled under the mega subscription apple one program except there are three tiers of oneness which sounds confusing but also sounds like the mantra Tim apple says as he does yoga in front of his shrine to steve jobs so it actually makes a lot of sense.

Facebook took this opportunity to make this episode even more packed with news by unveiling the oculus quest 2. the leaks were mostly true it’s lighter powered by a heftier snapdragon xr2 chip and has a higher resolution per eye thanks to a single lcd panel what we didn’t know but now we do is that it has a 90 hertz refresh rate and will launch on october 13th for $299 for the 64 gig model it looks like the new quest will sort of replace the rift going forwards thanks to oculus link facebook said it’s the best way across the vr industry to play pc vr content which is objectively false valve index oh i’m still on uh rift one the dev kit well for you it might be this i’m ready no reviews are out already with rs technica saying that even if you can get over the required facebook login a number of changes have been made that make the headset just worse in many ways but hey it’ll get cool games like assassin’s creed and splinter cell titles it’s getting a splitter sent to the title why no but i want to split a cell title to play everywhere a new take on mist wow and also beat saber is getting multiplayer with bts 2b characters i’m so excited yes very confusing moving on project arya is facebook’s prototype ar glasses and they’re also working on a tracking bracelet that could allow users to manipulate a virtual hand with six fingers what we need to.

Apple is continuing their retaliation against epic filing a new court motion claiming epic started a fire pouring gasoline on it and is now asking for emergency assistance the filing again asks a court to allow apple to ban all epic developer accounts including the one used to update the unreal engine cupertino has been blocked from doing this so far by a restraining order but their concerned epic will use that account to insert malware or more direct payment options like they did in fortnight epic is not respecting the three tiers of oneness not at all.

The TikTok competitor has capitalized on its rivals instability by getting tick tock’s biggest star Charli d’amelio¬†who I know all about to sign up it’s not an exclusive agreement but it doesn’t look great on TikTok owner bite dance who is considering moving the app’s headquarters to the US and or spinning it off into a separate company as part of its deal with oracle thankfully there are approximately like two billion clones of Charli d’amelio doing their own flirty dances on trailer instagram reels the youtube shorts and everywhere else.

EA Sports is officially killing the origin gaming brand shortly after renaming origin access to EA play the company is doing the same with the desktop app which will now be known as the ea desktop app it’s in the game challenge everything i mean it’s definitely less catchy but at least we won’t get it confused with origin pc.

Microsoft’s experiment with running servers under the seat apparently went swimmingly i didn’t write this this is him the project had just one ate the failure rate of a land-based data center and cooling is a lot better down where it’s wetter also harder for hackers to gain physical access to unless there are hacker mermaids oh no ariel always looks suspicious to me.

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