Top 5 Best Desktop PC For Students 2020

if you’re looking for the best all-in-one PC here’s a collection of the top 5 best desktops you’ve got to see. Let’s get started:

Apple iMac 27

Apple’s 27-inch Retina display iMac offered the first 5k display in the world. The stunning 5120×2880 screen delivers crystal-clear images and sharp text. While posting powerful internals fax, in fact, Apple recently refreshed the 5k iMac with its new 8th generation 6 core Intel processors. This is even an option for the 8-core 9th generation Intel Core I9 processor for the most power. Moreover, the only one that maintains the stylish design was which you’ve all grown accustomed to reveling in the gapless front panel and rounded corners that complement glass and aluminum build if you have deeper pockets though you could always offer. The iMac pro improves the internal heart world to as much as in high 8 core Intel Xeon CPU up to 128 gigabytes of RAM, AMD Vegas 64 graphics card for astounding performance.

Asus PRO E810

A 23.8 inches Full HD touchscreen. Asus has released a zen AI o ZN 2:42 all-in-one for home entertainment. Its design is slim and stylish and the narrow frame handles up to 90% of the screen ratio with good color expression, also, it’s equipped to the GTX 1050 and m2 SSD solid-state drive with a large number of expansion connections behind it. The appearance of the fuselage is more concise and needs a 2-millimeter narrow frame with humanized shaft design. You can adjust the pitch angle as needed in terms of configuration equipped with Intel Core i5 7300 HQ processor, 8GB DDR4 RAM, and dual-channel memory Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050, 1 terabyte 5400 RPM mechanical hard disk plus 108GB SSD.

Acer Chromebase 24

A chrome base IO desktop with a 23.8-inch full HD display. Acer created this chrome base io specifically for people looking for a 24-inch HD desktop in the Chrome OS environment. It’s a great choice for people to work with chrome every day but wants a bigger screen than you can find on a Chromebook. The chrome base focuses on an affordable overpower. So the specs are limited it’s topped with a seller on 4 gigabytes of RAM and a 16 gigabyte SSD. Not exactly oppressive but it gets the job done for a Chrome OS setup which is designed to favor speed startup and cloud services overlooked of performance. There is no USB 2.0 and an HDMI out but there’s a webcam for conferencing complemented by four microphones built into the computer. The keyboard and mouse are included with the system too.


This Asus model delivers potent processing of discrete graphics and a lovely 4k touchscreen. All in a stylish and affordable design equipped with an intel core i7 7700T processor and NVIDIA GeForce 1050 graphics card. This is stylish all-in-one delivers a strong performance, a gorgeous 4k display, and a healthy feature set. All-in-one Pro is the ultimate proof precision-crafted from solid aluminum with a sensuous brushed icicle gold finish, Zen-inspired spun-metal, detailing sparkling diamond-cut edges, and a seamlessly integrated stand. Zen all-in-one pro is a precision-crafted Art Brut that will add grace.

Microsoft Surface Studio 2

Microsoft was a newcomer to the all-in-one market when it released the surface studio in December of 2016 but now there is the surface to do too though. It maintains the same design and 28-inch touch screen 4500×3000 resolution display as its predecessor. The surface studio 2 packs options for better graphics cards and greater amounts of memory in storage. It comes with the Core i7 7820 HQ CPU and options for a full-size GTX 1060 or GTX 1070 graphics chip that makes it the ideal option for serious content creators, designers, and, anyone who wants that fall upon a PC that packs a powerful punch. It has exceptional design and builds quality, graphics performance, and a super-fast SSD Hard Disk.

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