University of British Columbia

The most established university in the region, the University of British Columbia (UBC) is a standout amongst the most aggressive in Canada.


There are two grounds, one in Vancouver and one in Kelowna. The primary grounds in Vancouver is almost a few shorelines and brags see over the North Shore mountains. There are various natural and dedication plants on grounds and in addition a prestigious performing expression focus.


UBC offers various scholarships for students, including the Donald A. Wearing International Student Award for hopefuls from war-torn nations.


Seven Nobel prizewinners are related with the university, as are 69 Rhodes researchers and 65 Olympic medalists.


The world’s biggest cyclotron – a sort of atom smasher – is housed at UBC, in TRIUMF, the nation’s national research facility for molecule and atomic material science.


Students and scientists are sorted out into 12 resources on the Vancouver grounds and a further seven on the Kelowna grounds. UBC offers a unique joint undergraduate program with Sciences Po – an advanced education organization in Paris.


Altogether, more than 50,000 full-time students are selected at UBC and a fourth of them are international.


Three Canadian prime ministers have been instructed at UBC, including Justin Trudeau, the present prime priest, who graduated with a lone wolf of training degree.

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