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The University of Regina is comprehensively and universally saw for educational and examination brightness. Home to 10 assets and 25 academic workplaces with programs inciting bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees, the University of Regina is quickly transforming into the college of-choice for understudies across Canada and the past. This is required somewhat to our stand-out preferences. At the point when you learn at the University of Regina, you’re getting more than a surprising preparing, you’re in like manner banding together with a foundation that truly contemplates your success.


Our grounds are orchestrated in the stunning ordinary scene of Wascana Center, one of the greatest urban stops in North America. Walking ways, charming points of view, outside tables, greenery, and flying animals are overflowing. Our understudies can walk, run, paddleboard, trip, snowshoe, and bike around Wascana at whatever point they need! It truly is the pearl of the city.

Our understudies can in like manner apply to live in its center – our bleeding-edge living courses of action energize on grounds living. Reports exhibit that understudies’ inhabitations are increasingly upbeat with their general college experience, gain higher GPAs, and will presumably finish their degree!


Our Faculty of Arts is one of only an unobtrusive bundle of Canadian assets to offer an undergrad program in rationale, administrative issues and monetary viewpoints – a globally acclaimed task offered by critical schools including Oxford and Yale.

Our Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science offers different activities went for arranging understudies for employments in oil structuring, programming systems building, characteristic structures building and electronic and present-day structures planning.

Our human administration’s related undertakings, for instance, our nursing or social work degrees, plan understudies through practical preparing – giving a change of award and genuine comprehension. Likewise, our inventive interdisciplinary degree programs, for instance, the Creative Technologies program in the Faculty of Media, Art, and Performance, join specialists, analysts, and social researchers who offer a display of courses in planning, programming building, and expressive expressions, making for an excellent college experience.

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